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to the the first complete 3D setup systems guide. Learn how to connect and set up any home 3D system to watch 3D movies, play 3D games, stream 3D on the internet, shoot 3D at home and more.

You can watch all of the 3D video tutorials online or download them to your PC.


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  • Finally! The first and the most professional place on the internet for all us 3D enthusiasts (and who isn't?) I thought I knew my way around the 3D world but I managed to improve the 3D effect significantly, learned how to wa

    Will Parker
    Los Angeles, USA

  • I was very skeptical that I could manage to actually setup a simple 3D system with my PC. Iím not the most hand-on guy ever. To say that I was very surprised by the simple and detailed instructions would be an understatement.

    Doug Callaway
    Manchester, UK

  • I love playing 3D games. After watching almost all of the tutorials on this website I managed to play games not only on my Xbox, but with my old PC too. Unbelievably simple. Highly recommended

    Greg Tucker
    Chicago, USA

How to set up 3D PC? How to set up 3D Vision? How to watch 3D on a 3D TV? How to set up 3D Projector? How to make 3D Cinema? How to play 3D games? How to watch 3D movies? 3D Xbox? PlayStation 3 3D?


There is no doubt that 3D is an amazing experience we all enjoy! The only problem is that there are too many options, devices and glasses which make 3D very confusing and prevent us from exploring all of the excellent options 3D has to offer. Now, for the first time, there is a solution. After 3 years of analyzing all of our customers' questions we have launched a full Setup your Home 3D System™ ,which contains information for all of the devices, setup instructions, and FAQs to make you an expert in 3D. With our tutorials, you will no longer be frustrated that "the 3D isn't working" or have to ask "why can't I use 3D on my PC?" or "what kind of glasses do I need?" That will be a thing of the past. Our professional tutorials, for any type of 3D setup you could dream of, will answer all your questions.